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I have been involved in creating websites, whether personal, for business or working for commercial web design companies for over 10 years. I had always been interested in setting up a service to offer websites to creative people. I wanted to offer the same features I would insist on for myself at the best price possible:

  • The site must be a good presentation for the work and easy to navigate.
  • The site must be easy to update.
  • No limits on the numbers of pages, galleries and images that can be created.
  • Blogs should be fully integrated into the site.
  • The site is owned, not rented, and fully accessible. (I know people who have had their sites become "locked" after losing touch with the original developer.)
  • Once the website is finished you are not tied to the designer and can hire a new designer in the future if you wish.

I am also an artist myself and rent a studio in London where I paint. I completed a Fine Art degree in 1996.

Website Portfolios is a new business started in 2012 and based in London.

Zachary Peirce